Julianna Favela

Guadalajara, Mexico

Julianna Favela (or in her case OABI Fashion Factory, S.A. de C.V) is a Mexican fashion company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of women's clothing.
Minimum wholesale orders: 1 model in all sizes (Ch, M, G, XG)!

Style: Casual, Business or Events We have new models of clothes constantly according to fashion and the actual trend in shirts, blouses, dresses, tops, lady's pants and sacks.
Wholesale and menu with more than 20 years of experience, selling as a brand to the most recognized companies of Jalisco. Confection of quality and design current and fashion always innovating looking for current trends.
Offer clothes of the best quality or make up the best clothes that your customers can have. Already buying sea Julianna Favela or making his clothes, his customers always satisfied.